For the first time, I felt a substantive basis to hope for my practice success. Now I know how to get Dental Patients. – Dr. Steve – North Carolina
20 years in practice and never knew how to get New Patients. Finally, we have a real Marketing Strategy. Thanks for helping me invent my practice future. – Dr. Robert – Las Vegas
I wish I had met Greg Jack 10 years earlier. Thanks for teaching me Dental Success. – Dr. Tom – Chicago
If you want to double collections, call New Patients Unlimited and double your New Patients through Greg. – Dr. Jim – California
We multiplied the number of new patients and collections on our newly purchased practice. Thanks! – Dr. Jeff & Dr. Kim – Idaho

Expand the Capacity of Your Practice!

Capacity Management’s In-Office Visits, Phone consultations, Training modules, Fact-Finders and Systems give you incredibly powerful and actionable diagnostic information and strategies that are specific to your practice.

It is unlikely that you would successfully implement all of the improvement opportunities discovered during the Capacity Management consulting experience. Growth is a process, not an event.

People are creatures of habit, and we fall back into old habits easily. It can take weeks to change “one” habit successfully...permanently. To really move your practice forward, you are usually trying to get anywhere from 5-60 employees to change a variety of practices on an ongoing basis. Many times you are also dealing with “employee resistence to change”, fear, or years of “old-school” beliefs, and/or “control-issues”. That’s a lot to do in addition to working your restorative schedule.

At Capacity Management, we know that ongoing support is required for maximum value delivery: regular training, system documentation, implementation coaching guidance and auditing for adherance to the new processes over an extended period of time are required to effect permanent, positive behavior change.

Capacity Management’s consulting service mirrors how people and practices actually change: icremental steps growing into lasting gains.

Capacity Management consultants have helped build some of the best practices nationwide for over 35 years. At Capacity Management, you are assured that you are working with top notch consultants and trainers who have an in-depth understanding of your profession. We are known for cutting to the real issues in practice development and treating the underlying cause, not just the symptom. Skilled at identifying personal and practice blockages, we buil practices without resorting to gimmicks and false motivation. Our consulting services are not based on “just be like me” management, but the individual needs and goals of each doctor. We go beyond the cookie cutter consulting model who is all too common in today’s consulting market.

We always have a standing offer to provide a free in-depth consultation to anyone who has questions. If you are not sure that you need consulting help, don’t hesitate to call and schedule a consultation today.

How Can We Help You?

Practices have experienced a 30% growth in the first year.